EDSO workshop debating DSOs’ roles as part of the Clean Energy Package

Apr 06, 2017



Distribution networks are the backbone of the clean energy transition. Its effects are shaping distribution system operators’ (DSOs) roles from simply maintaining and operating distribution networks towards actively managing and deploying smarter grids. In its Clean Energy for All Europeans proposals, the European Commission rightly acknowledges the growing roles that distribution networks and their operators will play in the future.

EDSO for Smart Grids is particularly pleased with the EU’s ambition to create a new entity for DSOs at the EU level, a more focused approach to the relation between DSOs and transmission system operators (TSOs) as well as the renewed focus on consumers.

We have the pleasure to invite you to an EDSO Policy Workshop that will address these changes and the contribution of the Clean Energy Package to the evolving roles of energy distribution networks.

The draft agenda is available here.

In order to confirm your attendance, please send us an email by clicking at this REGISTRATION LINK

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EDSO workshop debating DSOs’ roles as part of the Clean Energy Package
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