11th Edition European Electricity Flexibility and Ancillary Forum

This 11th edition marcus evans conference plays a crucial part in a strategy that involves keeping ahead and gaining the decision-making edge for system operators, power distribution companies and ancillary services in the energy industry. Across the European electricity grid, ancillary and balancing needs are increasing due to the continued impact of renewable energy and its intermittency. Factors that are being affected include flexibility in the power grid, inertia that is now decreasing in the system due to renewable energy sources being asynchronous, and storage that is now a major issue as it is seen as the missing link between renewable resources and a near perfect energy system. The energy industry is now moving incredibly fast in events that affect these factors, factors which are critical to the success of power system operators and the end-users that they serve.

Key Topics:

  • Understand the changing role of flexibility in wholesale and retail markets, including how to increase it and how firms can profit from it
  • Discover how the latest developments in grid-scale storage and the batteries being developed for this are impacting the market
  • Incorporate the impact of EV’s and inertia alongside developments in batteries and flexibility to maintain grid frequency
  • See practical ways of commercialising demand-side response
  • Gain updates on market developments in balancing and ancillary services, including how regulations are impacting these

*Delegate discounts available to EDSO for Smart Grids members. Discount Code: OG324_EDSO_200

For more information please visit the event website: https://goo.gl/QwxNUW

or contact Constandinos Vinall at constandinosv@marcusevanscy.com