8th Annual Global Asset Management Forum for DSO

27-28 May

Growing demand for reliability from regulators, ageing infrastructure, building long-term network strategies and investment plans, increasing integration of renewable energy sources, and the increasing pressure to digitize data and business processes has made the need for Asset Management methods even greater.

This conference presented innovative strategies on data analytics, remote condition monitoring, management of aging infrastructure, strategic investment planning and more. Industry leading experts shared their knowledge and experience in how to reach the highest level of efficiency and flexibility and at the same time to guaranteeing security and reliability for your smart grid operation.

TBM Evolution Group brought a unique opportunity to exchange ideas and perspectives with Asset Management experts from DSOs to discuss a broad range of important topics, such as:

  • Data analytics as a way to improve asset management
  • Remote condition monitoring
  • Challenges of uncertainty in investment management
  • Managing ageing infrastructure
  • Expected network behavior approach
  • Risk-based decision making approach
  • Cost reduction
  • Discovering innovative trends of the industry
  • International requirements for DSOs
  • Evaluating electric grid reliability
  • Big data & analytics case studies
  • Data software analytics in smart grid