Jun 28, 2018

In this document, EDSO identifies its 4 priorities to continue shaping smarter grids for your future: - Be the trusted voice of DSOs in Europe - Establish the DSOs as the neutral facilitators of the energy transition - Promote and support open innovation and forward-looking regulation - Place citizens and customers at the heart

Jun 12, 2018

EDSO believes that the Clean Energy Package is a real opportunity for DSOs to contribute to and successfully meet the challenges of a flexible, decentralised and highly digitised energy system – particularly as this transition is mostly affecting distribution grids at local level. As the inter-institutional debates on the Electricity Market Design are entering the trilogue phase, we are presenting our views on the most important points in the Electricity Directive and Regulation.

Jun 11, 2018

The KORRR methodology proposal, following the implementation of Guideline System Operation (GL SO) article 40.61, was submitted by all TSOs to all NRAs for approval on 14 March 2018. The KORRR preparation process is clarified in the figure below, with the current stage of the process highlighted in green colour. The EU associations representing DSOs – CEDEC, EDSO for smart grids, eurelectric and GEODE – are convinced that the KORRR methodology proposal still contains several parts that conflict with EU legislation and risk the benefit of the system as a whole. We have requested the NRAs to consider the legal consistency and reasonability of the proposed KORRR methodology.

May 30, 2018

This side letter proposes how the EU DSO entity should be regulated, establishing a clear distinction between which principles, rules and guidelines should be defined in the EU Regulation on the internal market for electricity and which in the upcoming Statutes. According to the Regulation, the upcoming Statutes will be drafted by the DSOs under the scrutiny of ACER and the European Commission. The side letter is jointly agreed by Eurelectric, EDSO for Smart Grids and Geode, European associations that overall represent almost 100% of DSOs in Europe (small, medium and large DSOs).

May 18, 2018

Decarbonising road transport and its smart integration into the electricity distribution system is a major cornerstone of the energy transformation. EDSO welcomes this vision, as DSOs will play a crucial role in enabling both an energy and a mobility transition. Electro-mobility targets will only be met provided that there are also investments in the deployment of smart, reliable electricity networks. Therefore, EDSO proposes 5 key messages to facilitate this transition.

May 15, 2018

In the context of this year's Innogrid2020+ conference, EDSO and ENTSO-E present to the European Commission 10 innovation points to deliver the Energy Union. This vision document, jointly prepared by the two associations, outlines important steps that should be taken to foster innovation in power networks and enable the energy transition.

Mar 23, 2018

EDSO explores the questions of what effects does electric vehicle charging have on distribution grids, and how can distribution system operators (DSOs) tackle the integration of the new loads into their networks in a smart way.

Mar 20, 2018

In September 2017, the European Commission proposed a Regulation aiming at reinforcing the role of the EU Cybersecurity Agency ENISA and setting up European cybersecurity certification schemes. EDSO welcomes this piece of legislation that could bring potential to foster network and information security throughout the EU. EDSO members have continuously dedicated attention and efforts to increase security levels on their networks and in their activities. Therefore, EDSO considers this proposal as a positive step in EU cybersecurity policy. However, some further attention should be paid to specific points of the proposed certification schemes.

Mar 08, 2018

EDSO welcomes this consultation on the upcoming innovation funding from the European Union. EDSO has been founded in 2010 with the explicit goal of promoting smart grids and thus encouraging innovation in the energy system. It is therefore with great interest that EDSO participates in this consultation and would like to bring some additional points to the attention of the European Commission, explaining more in details the DSOs’ needs in terms of smart grids innovation and how the Union could contribute to their fulfilment. A first part will provide feedback on the general landscape of EU funding frameworks; a second section will then point out some recommendations on the setup of these programmes; a final chapter will deal with the conditions for efficient uptake by DSOs of innovative solutions deriving from projects.

Feb 28, 2018

With the European energy transition demanding closer inter-DSO cooperation in the interest of customers and society at large, the European associations representing DSOs (distribution system operators) – CEDEC, EDSO for Smart Grids, eurelectric, Eurogas and GEODE – have been working together constructively now for several years. In recognition of the fact that DSO issues are becoming of increasing interest and importance to European energy policy, the European Commission has repeatedly expressed its desire to receive trusted, expert level advice on a range of matters affecting DSOs. These include market design, DSO/TSO cooperation, flexibility patterns and procedures, integration of renewable energy sources, deployment of smart grids, demand response, digitalisation and cyber security.

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