Charging Infrastructure for Electric Vehicles

Developing the Future of EV Mobility in Europe

10 – 11 June, 2021

Electrification and e-mobility solutions are key enablers for reducing CO2 emissions. E-mobility will play a key role in solving many of the challenges we face today with regard to energy use and urbanization.

As a clean, zero-emissions mode of transport, EVs are expected to gain popularity in the future. But at present, fully charging them is a time-consuming process that can take several hours using a household power supply, also the widespread belief is that the cars are too expensive. In addition, EVs are only able to drive short distances compared to gasoline-engine vehicles. Easily accessible charging infrastructure is a prerequisite for the transition to electric vehicles. There is still significant uncertainty as to when actual, large-scale adoption of electric vehicles will occur.

Our two-day conference will discuss today’s technologies and tomorrow’s solutions for smart charging, investment needs and business models for e-mobility, latest trends in e-mobility and charging and update on Charging Infrastructure Market.

Our attendees will have the opportunity to network with experts in the field while learning and sharing their experience.

Key topics

· Charging Infrastructure Market: Update and Transformation

· Future trends and market considerations for EV fleet conversion

· How much chargers will the EU need & how can it bridge the gap?

· The grid market impact of EV charging and Vehicle-to-Grid

· Home charging for electric vehicles

· The need for the fast public infrastructure, economics of this as well as sustainable business model for EV charging

· Charging of commercial / logistic vehicles; and the challenges it has for charging infrastructure

· Electric heavy-duty trucks are here to stay and what that means for the energy sector

· DC Fast Charging, a pre-requisite for the mass transition to electric mobility

· V2G technology to provide stability and flexibility in the electric low voltage grid – use cases and business model

· Electric Ridesharing: Challenges and Opportunities