Citizen Energy Forum – EDSO supportive of greater role for DSOs in smart grids

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Cover page EEF paperOn November 13-14 2012, the European Commission held the 5th Citizen’s Energy Forum in London. Mainly focused on retail market, this forum was the occasion for the DG Energy to present the Smart Grid Task Force’s (SGTF) reflections on future market models for smart grids.

Three different models were presented to the participants. EDSO for Smart Grids supports the model depicting DSOs as market facilitators in the near future. To further promote this view, the association has prepared a complementary document entitled “The role of the DSO in the Electricity market – from a Smart Grid perspective” giving an overview of what the role of the DSO in the coming years could be.

Furthermore, this short paper presents different options related to the management of the network and of the meters, the interactions with other market players and the data collection, transmission and processing.