DTEK, a grid at war

21 March 2022

E.DSO Secretary General Roberto Zangrandi had a video interview with Ivan Geliukh, CEO of DTEK Grids of Ukraine and E.DSO Member. This is the first talk since the beginning of the Russian invasion of his country. DTEK Grids includes 7 dsos in 5 regions of Ukraine, serving 13 million people, and among them 1,2 million customers in the Kyiv region.

In the immense distress that Ukraine is experiencing today, DTEK Grids is working under unprecedented conditions that Ivan is telling in our conversation.

Today, Ukraine lives and works in conditions of a full-scale war. DTEK Group is working to support the country while caring about the protection and safety of its employees and family members. The commitment extends to the residents of the regions of presence. The company still contributes to the energy security of Ukraine and continues to keep the country’s energy system in operation.