E.DSO ‘Action for Ukraine’

8 March 2022

After two weeks of conflict, E.DSO (the European Distribution System Operators, the association gathering the leading DSOs in the European Union) early launched “Action for Ukraine” is fully operative. Following a decision of their Executive Committee from 25th February 2022, E.DSO set up a Coordination Team to support their Ukrainian DSO member DTEK Grids and help them keep the lights on as much as possible. 

E.DSO’s first action was to grant a strong network of cybersecurity professionals selected among its members to support DTEK Grids in this field. 

Furthermore, E.DSO organized the dispatch to DTEK of emergency generators. In this framework, E.DSO members are providing:

  • 4 Generators of 250KVA 
  • 2 Generators of 200 KVA 
  • 1 Generator of 400 KVA

The above equipment has been collected and progressively addressed to Ukraine in an ever-worsening logistical and transport situation. Ignitis Group, LT; E.ON: Delgaz and VSD, RO & SK; E-Distribuție, RO; PGE Dystrybucja, PL have arranged generators and logistics.

The E.DSO Coordination Team active in Brussels also received requests to help provide accommodation and care for almost 400 persons, all members of families of DTEK workers thanks to the enduring commitment of CEZ (CZ), EGD CZ (E.On Group), Energa Operator (PL), Iberdrola (ES), Ignitis Group (LT), PGE Dystrybucja (PL). An indicative number of families and dependents of DTEK employees is now close to one thousand. Relocating the family members of DTEK employees will allow those critical employees to concentrate on maintaining the energy system running and keep the lights on.

At the end of last week, DTEK communicated that three employees were killed and three more were injured due to clashes. We fear this figure is gradually increasing. E.DSO genuinely thanks its members and all their staff for the efforts they are deploying. 

E.DSO will also propose its members to release a substantial sum from the financial surplus generated in 2021 to help finance its members’ technical and humanitarian efforts while many members also have started an approval process to provide through E.DSO donations with the same finality.

E.DSO is also constantly liaising with EU institutions and, specifically the cabinet of EU Commissioner for Energy and ENTSO-E, the network of Transmission system operators.