E.DSO position regarding the revision of the Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Directive

Following the policy ambition set out by the European Green Deal for the EU to become a climate neutral economy by 2050, transport emissions have to decrease by 90% by that year. An uncoordinated introduction of alternative fuels infrastructure policies in the Member States can lead to fragmentation of market action and a lack of security for long-term public and private investment in vehicle and fuel technologies. Directive 2014/94/EU on deployment of alternative fuels infrastructure (AFID) was adopted in 2014 to ensure a common framework of measures for the deployment of alternative fuels infrastructure in Member States.

E.DSO provided recommendations regarding:

•             stimulating DSO involvement in locating public charging infrastructures;

•             smart charging support;

•             stimulating “connected” and “smart charging ready” stations;

•             supporting 3-phase charging compared to 1-phase charging;

•             improving interoperability and further standardizing technical requirements for charging stations and related communication standards;

•             stimulating the mandatory implementation of cyber security requirements for charging infrastructure;

•             promoting further research on power quality impact of EVs.


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