Private: EC Questionnaire on digitalisation of the energy sector

Within the Energy Union, the digital transformation of the energy sector requires to understand the interdependence between the Clean Energy Package and the Digital Single Market.

While the Digital Single Market provides new safeguards in the areas of personal data protection, free-flow of non-personal data and cybersecurity, the Market Design Initiative introduces new provisions closely related to the digitalisation of the electricity sector. In particular, the provisions within the newly adopted Electricity Directive on demand response, dynamic prices, flexibility procurement, access to data, interoperability and data management.

Therefore, the European Commission DG ENER submitted this montha questionnaire on thechallenges of digitalisation of the energy sector with the intention to better understand the views of stakeholders.

The questionnaire focusing on energy data, digital platforms and solutions, cybersecurity and sector coupling will be answered by E.DSO by early September.