EDSO amendments on ACER Regulation

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The role of ACER and involvement of DSOs in the development of network codes

  • When revising network codes, DSOs and other relevant stakeholders should be fully involved before ACER submits its proposal to the European Commission (Article 5)
  •  Enhancing the role of ACER in new DSO areas, including its oversight over the new DSO entity is positive insofar as it calls for a proper involvement and consultation of DSOs
  •  Involve member states in determining the boundaries of system operation regions (Article 8)
  • Keep the old voting rule, i.e. decisions of the Administrative Board of ACER shall be adopted on the basis of a two thirds majority of the members present to guarantee representative decision-making (Article 19)
  • EDSO has reservations about ACER’s recommendations on distribution tariff harmonisation (Article 16 (9) Electricity Regulation)