EDSO amendments on Renewables Directive

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Simplify and accelerate administrative procedures for network development while ensuring high technical and safety standards

Article 16 should clarify who are the applicants for the permits to build and operate infrastructures for the production of energy from renewable energy sources . We suggest that the permit granting process associated to the use of network infrastructure should not be restricted to privates RES investors, but should also include residential, commercial and industrial consumers. The applicant should be provided with all necessary information, and the single administrative contact points that will be created should coordinate and involve, in close cooperation with renewables developers, local authorities and distribution network operators.

EDSO believes that for demonstration projects and installations with a limited electricity capacity a simplified grid access procedure could be established. However, administrative simplicity must be achieved while complying with technical grid codes and safety legislation. Thus, installations must only connect to the grid under DSO supervision and after network capacity and safety approvals are granted (Article 17).