Reducing deployment costs of high-speed electronic communications networks – EDSO position on EP draft report

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Cover page EEF paperEDSO for Smart Grids welcomes measures and policy instruments that will support synergies between infrastructures. EDSO is positive about the development of cooperation between electricity and telecommunication network operators, which has the potential to reduce costs for society.

However, EDSO is concerned that a number of significant questions which should be carefully considered are not addressed in the proposed regulation, and would like to see these reflected in the Parliament’s report.

Please find below a summary of the main issues:

  • In order for there to be real synergy as well as cost-efficient cooperation, the legislation should not be too prescriptive, instead allowing much of the detail to be decided by the national regulator. For these reasons, EDSO believes that a directive would more appropriate.
  • The text should guarantee the possibility for the Distribution System Operator (DSO) to maintain secure electricity supply and a stable electricity network.
  • There is a need to bring forward a clear set of rules regarding the roles, responsibilities and costs of operating and managing telecommunications networks that are coupled with electricity networks. In the current text, telecommunication operators are given a number of rights regarding other networks, but very few duties. A more balanced approach, and more details regarding cost-sharing should be introduced.
  • Worker safety is a key concern for electricity DSOs. Granting access to the electricity grid infrastructure to unspecialised workers may have fatal consequences. There are implications associated with the mass re-training of staff.

EDSO believes that the draft legislation is not yet mature. This paper elaborates on the issues which EDSO feels require further attention.