EDSO Response to the European Commission’s public consultation on EU funds in the area of investment, research & innovation, SMEs and single market

EDSO welcomes this consultation on the upcoming innovation funding from the European Union. EDSO has been founded in 2010 with the explicit goal of promoting smart grids and thus encouraging innovation in the energy system.

It is therefore with great interest that EDSO participates in this consultation and would like to bring some additional points to the attention of the European Commission, explaining more in details the DSOs’ needs in terms of smart grids innovation and how the Union could contribute to their fulfilment.

A first part will provide feedback on the general landscape of EU funding frameworks; a second section will then point out some recommendations on the setup of these programmes; a final chapter will deal with the conditions for efficient uptake by DSOs of innovative solutions deriving from projects.


EDSO’s Position Paper can be downloaded here.

EDSO’s Response to the online consultation can also be downloaded at the following link.