EDSO Workshop ‘Rethinking distribution grids: future DSOs’ roles in active system management through flexibility’ 

Sep 27, 2017

With customers moving centre stage in the energy system, and as generation and loads are growing increasingly decentralised, so does the need for flexibility gain in importance. More active, smarter distribution grids will enable distributed energy adoption, while enhancing system reliability and resilience, and facilitating customers’ participation in electricity markets. DSOs will play a central role in the energy transition, as key enablers for the market uptake of flexibility products and services.

EDSO Workshop ‘Rethinking distribution grids: future DSOs’ roles in active system management through flexibility’ will explore the needs and challenges for DSOs in the use of flexibility, from a broader perspective accounting for their interactions and coordination with other system operators, particularly TSOs, and market players. Key insights will be provided from DSO examples and smart grids projects, complemented by additional views from TSOs, market players, regulators and policymakers.

The workshop will in particular aim to:

• Provide an understanding of flexibility needs for DSOs, in relation to other parties

• Discuss different possible models for collaborations (roles of different players, data management)

We hope that you will be able to join us on this occasion. In order to confirm your attendance, please send an email by clicking at this REGISTRATION LINK 

The draft agenda is available here

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