Flexibility in the grid has been identified as a key enabler towards a sustainable, low‐carbon and climate‐friendly energy systems. In such a scenario, consumers really become the main players, reflecting one of the most important Energy Union priorities. This has been addressed in the EUniversal project, which focuses on the market and consumers, and addresses the paradigm shift in grid operation to effectively overcome the challenges posed by the energy transition in a cost‐effective and inclusive way.

The primary goal of the EUniversal is to enable the transformation of the energy system into a new multi-energy and multi-consumer concept. It will guarantee a sustainable, secure and stable supply of electricity by bringing forward a universal, adaptable and modular approach through a Universal Market Enabling Interface (UMEI). Its aim is to interlink active system management with electricity markets and the provision of flexibility services, taking also into consideration the activation needs and the coordination requirements with both commercial parties and transmission system operators (TSOs).

To do so, the EUniversal will define, develop and validate a set of market-oriented flexibility management services from distributed energy resources (DER) in a real environment with a large renewable energy sources (RES) integration and high electrification. Based on this transformative concept, grids will become capable of accommodating future scenarios through the active use of grid services, fostering innovate market mechanisms, and bring additional value to society.

Four structural pillars of the EUniversal project:

  • 1 – Flexibility enabling technologies and solutions;
  • 2 – Smart grid solutions;
  • 3 – Flexibility market mechanisms, products and platforms;
  • 4 – Universal Market Enabling Interface (UMEI).

In order to demonstrate the services generated in the development phase of the project, 3 different DEMO sites will be run to validate the project solutions:

  • Portuguese DEMO: Demonstration of the UMEI concept in the management of market driven flexibility services for LV and MV grids;
  • German DEMO: Congestion management using market‐driven flexibility via the UMEI in LV networks;
  • Polish DEMO: Grid observability and future networks supporting flexibility management via the UMEI.

EUniversal key concept is open, adaptable and future‐proof to be used by all stakeholders, thus facilitating the replicability across Europe.  The results will enable distribution grids across Europe to support a secure and cost‐effective energy transition in cooperation with all related parties. The strong commitment of partners such as E.DSO introduces additional assurance for the promotion of a pan‐European grid approach.


Project acronym: EUniversal

Project title: Market enabling interface to unlock flexibility solutions for cost-effective management of smarter distribution grids

Call: H2020-LC-SC3-2019-ES-SCC

Period: 1 February 2020 – 30 July 2023

Coordinator: EDP Distribuicao

Consortium: innogy, Energa Operator, E.DSO, EASE, Inesc Tec, Uniman, Comillas, VITO, TRACT, N-SIDE, Nodes, Restore NV, IEn, MIKRO, KU Leuven, VLERICK, Zabala



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