FSR Online Course on EU Electricity ‎Network Codes

23 September 2019 – 3 December 2019

Early Bird Special: 10% discount if you register by 23 July 2019!

This 9-week online course is composed of readings, videos as well as interactive and communicative online activities. Each week will have a comprehensive class with live interaction between the participants and the FSR instructors.

In the first six weeks the focus is mainly on the market network codes (CACM GL, FCA GL, EB GL). Also, the interaction between the market codes and the system operation guideline (SO GL) is highlighted. This first part covers four one-week learning modules, a buffer week and two live panels consisting of experts from ENTSO-EACER, and the European Commission. The panels will focus on the issues and topics raised by the participants during the training. The last three one-week modules center around the legal dimension of the codes, grid connection codes (RfG NC, DC NC) and the growing role of data, respectively. The course is concluded with a third live panel on data.

More information: https://fsr.eui.eu/training/energy/network-codes/