Growing the Energy Transition

The PlatOne consortium is happy to announce that its “Growing the energy transition” conference will be held on the 14th September, from 13h30 to 16h CEST, and 15th of September 2021 from 9h30 to 12h CEST.

Growing the energy transition by Platone is an event that aims to boost knowledge sharing, know-how and expertise by discussing key topics of the present energy transition. On the first day the focus lies on the Platone Open Framework and how the demo sites facilitate and contribute to the future of flexibility and digitalization and the second day evolves around customer engagement and energy communities. It will not only be possible to discuss with experts of different fields to what extent are R&I projects needed to close the gaps between ideas and reality or how the DSO business model is changing to adapt to flexibility but also share your expertise and knowledge about key aspects to foster a fair deal for consumers in the energy transition and how can LECS, CECS and DSOs facilitate the energy transition together!