Improving TSO-DSO cooperation at the European level: EDSO contribution to system operators dialogue

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NIS recommendations cover - Sept 2014Distribution System Operators (DSOs) and Transmission System Operators (TSOs) are today in charge of maintaining the electricity system stable for all consumers in a society ever more reliant on uninterrupted power supply. This task is more challenging now than in past decades: renewable energy sources are being connected to distribution grids at an extraordinary rate, consumers are installing solar panels on their roofs, new market players are starting to sell flexibility services, and electric vehicles (EV) are starting to appear on the roads.

For this shift towards a decentralised energy system to be as smooth and efficient as possible for all consumers, additional cooperation and coordination between system operators is required. This cooperation must be conducive to the development of new market players and better services at affordable prices, increasing choice for consumers in the process.

European TSOs and DSOs have recently launched new discussions to reach a better understanding of their respective roles and responsibilities. In order to contribute to this on-going dialogue, EDSO draws in this paper a series of recommendations related to cooperation for system planning, network user connection, system operation, data management and market facilitation,  with the hope that TSOs’ and DSOs’ views could converge in the near future.