Over the last years multiple R&D and innovation projects have been implemented to foster the realization of smart grids and smart buildings and enable trade of energy and services among consumers in a digital marketplace, with suitable ICT tools. Fewer efforts have been dedicated to demonstrating how these technologies should communicate between each other.

Interconnect aims to overcome this challenge by developing advanced solutions for efficient energy management, connecting digital homes and buildings with the smart energy grid. The principal target is, in compliance with standards and cybersecurity requirements, to define the interconnection among different digital platforms. The aim is to this way foster the development of innovative services which potentially can be provided by any stakeholder and bring flexibility to the grid. Hence, DSOs are playing an important role not only as a data manager but also as system optimizer and market facilitator in the Interconnect vision.

In order to roll out the project in a comprehensive manner, the objectives have been divided into 8 focus areas:  big data, power grid, cloud, standardisation, ontology, cybersecurity, IoT and digital platforms. In parallel, a validation of the Interconnect concept will take place in 7 different pilot sites. Situated in Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, The Netherlands and Portugal, the pilots will work with the active involvement of citizens ensuring sustainable and efficient business models.

The 51 partners in the consortium entrust the collaboration of industry sector and research institutions from 11 countries, including also the participation of E.DSO and two of its members: EDP D and ENEDIS.

Call: DT-ICT-10-2018-19 – Interoperable and smart homes and grids

Period: 1 October 2019 – 30 September 2023

Coordinator: INESC TEC

Consortium: EEBUS, TNO, VITO, EDP.D, VLF, TH!NK E, FBA, WINGS, SONAE, Fraunhofer, VW iCity, Planet Idea, GRIDNET S.A., YNCREA, AUEB-RC, Elektro Ljublja, ThermoVault, TRIALOG, Domótica sgta, SEP, VUB, IMEC, DuCoop, 3E, CORDIUM CVBA, STICHTING VU, ΗΡΩΝ, COSMOTE, ENEDIS, ENGIE, SENSINOV, Whirpool, RSE, POLIMI, cyberGRID, REALDOLMEN, E.DSO, OpenMotics, KEO GMBH, ABB, UNI KASSEL, DFKI, Fh- Dortmund, BTT, BSH, Miele, Wirelane Gmbh, Vaillant Gmbh, Daikin, KNX

TRL: 6-8



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