ENTSO-E work programme 2014-2015 – Joint DSO response to public consultation

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DSO views on ENTSO-E WP 2015 - coverThe European associations representing DSOs actively collaborate with ENTSO‐E on a number of activities, such as research, development and innovation, and the drafting of network codes. This  chance  to  comment  on  the  ENTSO‐E  2015  work  programme  is,  therefore,  a  welcome  opportunity  to  further  develop  our  current  cooperation,  as  well  as  to  raise  some  particular concerns on DSO‐TSO cooperation.

The remarks contained in this joint response focus on the topics related to network codes (points 4 and partly 9 of the work programme), research and development activities (point 5), notably standardisation and TSO‐DSO cooperation.