Joint Statement on the EU DSO Entity (EDSO-EURELECTRIC-GEODE)

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On 19 February, EDSO, eurelectric and GEODE sent a joint statement to the European Parliament and the European Council on the current discussions related to the EU DSO Entity. The statement brings 3 key messages:

  • The 3 associations express their concern on the European Council’s general approach and ITRE’s compromise amendment on Articles 49, 49 (a), 50 and 50 (a) new of the Electricity Regulation.
  • Member-DSOs of the EU DSO Entity should be able to choose a suitable proxy and the details of the proxy selection should be left to the upcoming statutes.
  • To ensure a fair and proportional decision-making process of the entity, the 3 associations support the 14/7/7 representation per DSO size group in the entity’s Board as originally proposed by the European Commission.