marcus evans conference ‘Optimal R&D and Innovation Strategies, Smart Grid and Improved VAS for Utilities’

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This marcus evans conference will cover, for the first time in Europe in a holistic manner, all the most pressing questions that Utilities are facing and struggling to cope with, providing real-life examples and case studies. Is it wiser to retain a focus on centralised generation assets or move to a mix of decentralised technologies? Concentrating the efforts on ‘upstream’ assets or customer management? Can Utilities expand their current offering to include device manufacturing supply, service control and increase smart home elements and serviced homes, whilst dealing with price packaging and new models? Is Europe going to look at increasing the use of virtual generators?

These are some of the questions that will be answered during the event, allowing our delegates to leave the conference equipped with the know-how to become trusted suppliers of essential services to their customers.

*Discount available for EDSO for Smart Grids members. Discount Code: “OG310-EDSO”

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