EDSO for Smart Grids’ activities focus on achieving the objectives and promoting the interests of its member companies by:


  • Development of efficient, secure and sustainable distribution grids
  • Standardisation, interoperability and flexibility of equipment and solutions
  • Preparation, management and publishing of research, development and demonstration activities
  • Efficient regulatory principles



  • Information sharing on DSO and smart grid activities and projects
  • Relationships with the European Commission and other stakeholders
  • Information sharing on funding opportunities



  • Meetings, seminars and conferences to communicate and exchange views and experiencies on the future role of the DSO, EU and national DSO regulation best practices, costs and funding



To join EDSO for Smart Grids, your company has to fulfill the following conditions:


Membership fee

  • The membership fee for members is calculated in proportion to the significance of their distribution activity in their operating European countries
  • A member has a number of votes in proportion to the significance of its distribution activity in accordance with the articles of the association (applicable to decisions taken in EDSO General Meetings)


Associated Member Fee

  • The membership fee for an associate member is 50% of the annual membership fee of a member
  • Associate members are invited to take part in working groups and may attend to the General Meeting, without voting rights, in accordance with the articles of the association.


In case your company/association is interested in becoming a member of EDSO,
or if  you would like to get more information on EDSO membership,
please contact us at info@edsoforsmartgrids.eu