With an increasing penetration of renewable energies in the electrical network and to manage energy transition, distribution system operators (DSO) require innovative tools to manage an increasingly complex network. Volatile renewable energy sources in combination with less predictable consumption patterns call for higher levels of observability and exploitation of flexibility. While these two challenges are traditionally treated with separate means, Platone proposes an innovative approach to a joint data management for both. To this end, the project will develop and test a blockchain-based two-layers platform providing a flexible structure among energy actors accommodating seamlessly the local prosumers, as well as the increasingly less predictable consumption patterns.

The innovative approach applied by PlatOne puts customers at the centre of the energy value chain, aligning them with operators and aggregators.  The PlatOne Platform will create the ecosystem for new market models supporting the key role of the DSO in the energy transition. The project aims at a more cost-effective usage of smart meters for a rapid roll out among DSOs and for a large involvement of customers

The 12 partner big PlatOne consortium relies on the participation of the three E.DSO members; Areti, Avacon, and HEDNO alongside industry players and research centres from Belgium, Germany, Greece and Italy. The solutions proposed and the use cases defined by the PlatOne project will be tested and validated in three different DSO-run pilots in Germany, Greece and Italy, along with laboratory tests for real-time simulations.

The project’s objectives include the definition of new sustainable business models aiming to remove the barriers for the commercialization of the Platone solution, among others. In addition, recommendations for energy policymakers will be drawn based on the project outcomes.

The work of PlatOne will furthermore be validated via cooperation with Canadian partners.


Call: LC-SC3-ES-1-2019 – Flexibility and retail market options for the distribution grid

Period: 1 September 2019 – 31 August 2023

Coordinator: RWTH Aachen

Consortium: Acea Energia, Apio, Areti, Avacon, BAUM, Engineering, E.DSO, HEDNO, NTUA, RSE, Siemens

TRL: 6-8



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