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The European Strategic Energy Technology Plan (SET-Plan) is a strategic plan designed to accelerate the development and deployment of cost-effective low carbon technologies in Europe, supporting the achievement of the EU’s climate and energy targets. The plan comprises measures relating to planning, implementation, resources and international cooperation in the field of energy technology and smart grids are on the plan’s list of priorities.

The SET-Plan has been a valuable guiding tool for the development of smart technologies, and the coordination work of the European Electricity Grid Initiative (EEGI), an industrial initiative set up under the SET-Plan, is playing an essential part in steering and accelerating the development and deployment of these cost-effective solutions at system level.

Tools for smart grids under the SET-Plan include:


  • Increasing research to reduce costs and improve performance of existing technologies
  • Encouraging the commercial implementation of these technologies
  • Supporting the development of a new generation of low carbon technologies, with a focus on, among other things, the competitiveness of new technologies relating to renewable energies, energy storage, sustainability of energy networks.


SETIS is the information service for the SET-Plan, and on top of regular updates on its website, a magazine focused on an individual SET-Plan priority is published every quarter. Please find here the Smart Grids edition (March 2014), containing an editorial from EDSO’s Chairman at the time, João Torres.


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