The European Technology Platform (ETP) for the Electricity Networks of the Future (SmartGrids) is a European Commission (EC) initiative that aims at boosting the competitive situation of the European Union (EU) in the field of electricity networks, with a particular focus on smart power grids. EDSO has strong links to the ETP, with both organisations playing an unofficial advisory role to the other.

The ETP represents all European smart grid stakeholders, and its establishment was first suggested by industrial stakeholders and the research community at the first International Conference on the Integration of Renewable Energy Sources and Distributed Energy Resources (IRED), in December 2004. The EC’s Directorate General for Research launched the ETP SmartGrids in 2005. Until mid 2009, the role of the ETP was to set the vision and strategy for the development of Europe’s electricity networks of the future. Since then, its role is to accompany the deployment of this strategy and to update the strategic research agenda to reflect new realities. Below you will find the ETP’s publications:

Strategic Research Agenda 2035 (2012)

imagesThe SRA 2035 provided key input to the EU’s 7th research framework programme (FP7), and is continuing to do the same for its successor, Horizon 2020, and other smart grid research, development and demonstration initiatives both on national and European levels, with a view to advancing the smart grids based European energy system.


Energy retailers perspective on the deployment of Smart Grids in Europe (2011) – Working document

This abstract provides an insight into the White Paper written by members of the Working Group Demand and Metering. It details the various aspects of the retailers’ position and the role that they can effectively play in the central functionalities enabled by the smart grid.

Note: An extended version of the document is available upon request. Contact: secretariat@smartgrids.eu

Strategic Deployment Document for Europe’s electricity networks of the future (2010)

At the end of 2008, based on the contributions and discussions between actors in the EU member states, the first draft of this Strategic Deployment Document (SDD) was released, under the Chairmanship of Pier Nabuurs CEO of N.V. KEMA. In 2010, this document was formally finalised, and describes the priorities for the deployment of innovation in the electricity networks and the benefits that such innovation will deliver for all stakeholders. It also provides a timeline for deployment.

Strategic Research Agenda (2007)

imagesIn its early days, ETP SmartGrids focused its efforts on the development of the Strategic Research Agenda (SRA). The SRA is a reference and strategic document that consolidates the views of stakeholders on research priorities for smart grid development in Europe.

Together with the Vision paper, it describes the main areas to be investigated, technical and non-technical, in the short-medium term in Europe. The publishing of the SRA in 2007 has inspired several research and development programs within the EU and national institutions.

Vision and Strategy for European Electricity Networks of the Future (2006)

sraoldEuropean electricity networks have provided the vital links between electricity producers and consumers with great success for many decades. The fundamental architecture of these networks has been developed to meet the needs of large, predominantly carbon-based generation technologies, located remotely from demand centres. The energy challenges that Europe is now facing are changing the electricity generation landscape.

This document was presented in April 2006.



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