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The first CIRED Conference was organised in May 1971 by the Association des Ingénieurs de Montefiore (AIM) of Belgium, as the result of the interest shown in their previous conference held in Liège in 1969 on the same subject. Similarly, in the UK, the large amount of interest shown in conferences on electricity distribution held in Edinburgh by the UK Electrical Research Association (ERA) in 1967 and by the Institution of Electrical Engineers (IEE) and ERA jointly in 1970 demonstrated the need for an international conference on this subject.

In order to avoid a major overlaps between the existing conferences, it was decided to hold one every two years, under the name of CIRED, alternately in Belgium and the United Kingdom. The growing interest in CIRED activities and the increasingly important part of the exhibition have led the organisers to move outside of Belgium and the UK, considering new European venues.

EDSO has followed the activities of CIRED from the beginning, and has begun to work more closely with the international association as of 2014.


Technical work

The technical content of CIRED is mainly based on the 6 topics, which guide the sessions at CIRED’s annual conferences:

  1. Network Components
  2. Power Quality and Electromagnetic Compatibility
  3. Operation, Control and Protection
  4. Distributed Energy Resources and Efficient Utilisation of Electricity
  5. Planning of Power Distribution Systems
  6. Electricity Market Place and Impact of Regulation


CIRED also organises a workshop every other (even) year on specific topics. Here you can access a list of these events.


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