As a support and service offered by E.DSO, the secretariat monitors relevant legislative and regulatory developments at European level and informs the Policy Committee. Through the mapping of relevant actors and topics, the Policy Committee prioritises the actions and decisions to be taken in the light of legislative developments affecting our industry. The Committee works on the positioning of the association and elaborates policy papers and suggestions for legal and regulatory improvements that support the energy transition and the key objectives of DSOs: reliability and quality of electricity supply and neutral market facilitation. Considering the mass electrification in Europe and the alignment between the energy sector and the climate objectives during the last decade, E.DSO Policy Committee advocates for the DSO industry to be more actively involved and recognised in the European energy policies. Relevant topics are: smart grid deployment, RES connection and new loads, smart meter roll-out, flexibility, data management, smart sector integration, sustainability, among others. Consequently, members of local, national, and particularly European authorities, involved in energy policy making, are relevant contact points for E.DSO. We can therefore help to bridge the gap between the different levels of government and the European DSO industry.


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