The European Union’s goals to reduce greenhouse gasesemissions by increasing the share of renewables and to place customers at the centre of the energy system cannot be realised without smart forward-looking electricity grids. Research & Innovation (R&I) is therefore one of E.DSO’s main priorities to ensure a distribution grid that is fit for these demands.

E.DSO engages directly and through its Members in R&I projects and initiatives to facilitate the integration of new technologies and solutions for the energy system of the future. It is a major contributor of the European Technology & Innovation Platform on Smart Networks for the Energy Transition (ETIP SNET) and has been taking part in 8 EU-funded projects since 2010. It gathers knowledge from energy research by collecting findings and recommendations from its Members’ projects, participating in Advisory Board and co-organising with ENTSO-E the annual InnoGrid conference. E.DSO also co-sponsors Ana Aguado Scholarship to support young talents in the energy sector.