Past EDSO projects


Below you can access information on past projects which EDSO has been directly involved in as a project partner.



GRID+ was a coordination and support action under FP7, launched to provide operational support to the European Electricity Grids Initiative  (EEGI) Team to address specific critical issues for the successful deployment of smart grids in Europe. The involvement of all the stakeholders of the European electricity system was a key element for the development of tools and solutions to support demonstration projects. Outputs of GRID+ included the preparation of the R&D roadmap 2013-2022, and two-year implementation plans, and the creation of a knowledge sharing platform for grid related projects (see GridInnovation-online below). It ended in September 2014.

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Meter-ON is a coordination and support action funded by the EU’s FP7 and designed to steer the implementation of smart metering solutions throughout Europe by collecting the most successful experiences in the field and highlighting the conditions that enabled their development. Meter-ON concluded with¬†recommendations to stakeholders, including regulators, policy makers and other DSOs, on how to tackle the technical barriers and the regulatory obstacles endangering the uptake of smart metering technologies and solutions in Europe.

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The REserviceS (Economic grid support from variable renewables) was an FP7-funded project aiming to establish a reference basis and policy recommendations for future network codes and market design in the area of ancillary services from variable renewables. Outputs included essential insights and economic elements to support the establishment of proper market mechanisms and grid code formulations in the EU, as well as preliminary assessments to determine whether ancillary services can generate additional value for network operators by involving grid users, notably wind and solar PV generators.

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EDSO events

Flexiciency Final Event
30 January 2019, Brussels

2019 InnoGrid2020+ Conference – Brussels, 13-14 May
13- 14 May 2019, Brussels

Partner events

blockchain2energy Europe
13 February 2019, Amsterdam

SGTech Europe 2019
26- 28 March 2019, Amsterdam

8th International Conference on Smart Cities and Green ICT Systems (SMARTGREENS)
03- 05 May 2019, Heraklion