Past partner projects


Below you can access information on past partner projects. Check the final project results and recommendations by following the link to the project websites.



Jouw Energie Moment

A two-year research pilot ‘Your Energy Moment’ (YEM) carried out Enexis, with the participation of 178 households in Breda sought to answer the question: “In view of the fact that sustainable energy sources such as wind and solar power cannot be managed as a function of time, what needs to be done to convince consumers to deal more flexibly with their energy consumption?”. Residents of the newly built neighbourhoods Meulenspie and Easy Street were able to benefit from variable electricity rates and smart resources such as a smart washing machine, solar panels, and a wall display, enabling them to vary the time of the day when they consumed the most energy. The conclusions include that consumers are  quite willing to help make a positive contribution to the energy transition.

Duration: December 2011 – April 2015

EDSO member partners: Enexis


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