GRIDInnovation online

GridInnovation-online was developed in the framework of the GRID+ project. It aims at facilitating knowledge flows and exchanges among new, ongoing or completed research and innovation projects contributing to the objectives of the EEGI R&D roadmap. GridInnovation-online will be populated by the projects monitored in the framework of GRID+Storage activities, among others.

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JRC Smart Grid Projects Outlook

Since 2011, the European Commission’s Joint Research Center (JRC) has carried out an annual mapping exercise (outlook) of smart grid projects in Europe by gathering input and feedback from utilities, industry, research and academia.

One of the main findings of the studies is that distribution system operators (DSOs) play a leading role in coordinating smart grid deployment  across Europe.

In 2012, DSO-led projects represented about 27% of all projects and about 67% of investments. However, the study underlines that current regulation in EU member states tends to promote immediate cost-efficiency by reducing operational costs rather than longer-term cost-efficiency through the upgrading and smartening of electricity systems.

The JRC’s yearly outlook feeds into a portal, making it easier to find smart grid projects according to numerous criteria. You can access the JRC’s interactive map of smart grids projects by clicking on the image below.


JRC SG projects 2014 - map


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