The European Power Innovation Congress (EPIC 2015)

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Led by the new-technology directors from power utilities such as ESB Networks, RWE, Vattenfall, Cez, and Tennet and focusing on the challenges, technologies and innovations affecting electricity transmission and distribution, the European Power Innovation Congress (EPIC 2015) taking place between the 22-24 April in Prague in the Czech Republic invites generation and T&D utility leaders, strategists, heads of R&D and technology managers, together with leading manufacturers, and smart grid system innovators to examine and promote new methods to improve efficiency, adapt to and leverage new technological advances, and forge increasing relevance in an increasingly distributed power market.

At the 3-day Congress you will network and hear in-depth case studies and analysis from the most forward-thinking power generation, DSO and TSO leaders, strategists, practitioners, financiers, investors, and cutting edge R&D specialists regarding the strategic development of assets and infrastructure within the context of increasing levels of prosumers, distributed generation trends, smart T&D technology and Europe’s evolving single market for electricity.

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