“The lights will stay on with 50 million heat pumps” Event

In the proposed EU strategy for Energy Systems Integration, the Commission foresees 40% of all residential and 65% of all commercial buildings being heated with electricity by 2030.

Electric Heat pumps are bound to play a central role in the path towards decarbonizing heating and cooling over the next 10 years and beyond: not only they are the most cost-effective solution to substantially reduce CO2 emissions and energy demand, but also, they contribute to improving air quality, especially in cities.

Despite its benefits, some still fear that the large-scale roll-out of electric heat pumps can jeopardise the security of the supply of electricity. However, the EU electric network is a robust system, already ready to ensure that the lights will stay on with 50 million heat pumps.

12 Utilities confirm that lights will stay on with 50 million heat pumps supplying heating & cooling. Join our launch event to this joint statement.