Utility Week Demand Response and Future Networks



Increased demand for electric transport, smart grids and PV will put increased pressure on the network. This is a period of rapid change for utilities and network operators and requires a flexible approach from all stakeholders to deliver the interconnected system of the future. Demand management and response will play a crucial role in this and is driving a dynamic period of transformation in the energy sector. Utility Week’s Demand Response & Future Networks Conference will take place on the 17th March 2013 at the Holiday Inn Birmingham and will address the challenges and opportunities facing the energy sector as it transitions to a low-carbon and more energy efficient environment. Attend to:

  • Explore the challenges and opportunities of achieving a fully operational smart grid, including the introduction of CADs
  • Hear the latest research on the role of utilities in EV uptake
  • Gain first-hand insight into the development of innovative projects at Electricity North West, SGN, SSE, WPD and SP Energy Networks
  • Find out how your peers are accelerating renewable connections through active network management
  • Discuss how the introduction of independent network owners will change the regulatory landscape
  • Debate whether the traditional utility business model can survive smart meteringRegister using the code EDSO15 to receive 15% off your registration.
  • Visit www.uw-futurenetworks.net to register or for more information.