Webinar – COVID-19 for Power Sector: Visions and green way ahead

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact communities around the world, the electric industry and utilities are working tirelessly to keep the lights on and to help their customers and employees stay safe and healthy.

As an industry, we are committed to powering through this crisis together, and to that end, we appreciate the spirit of collaboration that has been on display in your willingness to share information and resources.

COVID-19 is a bitter reminder of how fragile our humanity can be. The past few months have brought many examples of communities working together to address the pandemic.

Cooperation and solidarity carry hope to one of the most and recent challenging emergencies for mankind.In these difficult times we must continue to learn from each other, sharing visions and increase cooperation, for colleagues in power sector across Europe and China, especially when it comes to love ahead and bring society back into action in the greenest way.

The COVID-19 is affecting our society and economy substantially, which could reshape to some extent the low-carbon transition undergoing and the green way ahead. For example, what was the most trending and urgent for decarbonizing the power sector, might not be the case anymore.

To help you unscramble what’s at stake and what lies ahead, with the support from GEIDCO Europe office, FOSG will be organizing a +/- 2 hour webinar wherein Chinese and European colleagues (TSO/DSO, generation, academics, etc.) will explain their understandings abouth the impacts of COVID-19 from their professional perspectives, share their visions of potential changes in the energy transition and green development, and exlpore together how they can move ahead and prepare for the AFTER COVID-19.