Are the 2030 RES Targets achievable without Energy Storage? EDSO gives its views at EU Sustainable Energy Week

July 1st 2014, Brussels – On June 24th 2014, EASE, together with EDSO for Smart Grids, EURELECTRIC and GO15, co-organised a High Level Policy Conference in the context of the European Union Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW). Though the answers to the title question were as varied as the speakers, there was general agreement throughout that:

  • There is a need for clear regulatory frameworks and level playing fields for the use of Energy Storage (ES) for system flexibility, where ES services can support the integration of renewable energy sources (RES). Network operators, amongst other actors, should be able to procure these services in the market.
  • Energy storage should not be seen as an end in itself, but as one means to provide flexibility on a market-basis, i.e. according to a suitable market-design which ensures competition with other flexibility sources.
  • Although support for RD&D is definitely necessary, market prices and the grid reality should be the signals guiding investment.

Due to the international membership of the organisers, participants also got a glimpse of how energy storage is establishing itself in the rest of the world, both in terms of regulation and the market.

The conference was a success, with close to 120 participants and more following the debate on the role ES can play in the achievement of the 2030 targets live from the EUSEW website.

All slide presentations are available on the EASE website – – together with interviews with some of the speakers.