Technology & Knowledge Sharing

The Technology and Knowledge Sharing Committee (T&KS) of E.DSO is the reference point for discussion on technical topics that impact the development of smart distribution grids and aims to provide guidance to our members as they face the technological challenges brought by the energy transition. By fostering knowledge exchange among DSOs and promoting cooperation with key players in the industry, E.DSO’s T&KS Committee brings new perspectives to the sector and steers the debate on technological trends and innovation.

Under the framework set by the T&KS Committee, four Task Forces (TFs) are currently active.

  • TF2 “EV charging integration” investigates DSO-based solutions for smart charging and Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G), innovative charging technologies and future e-mobility trends.
  • TF3 “Data management” promotes knowledge exchange on data governance practices, data security and culture and analyses the impact of EU data laws on the distribution system.
  • TF4 “Network Code on Cybersecurity” investigates the transversal role of cybersecurity on strategic DSO activities in line with the developments in the EU legislative panorama.
  • TF6 “Technology Radar” focuses on the early identification of innovative technologies and disruptive trends for the industry, encapsulating their findings in the DSO Technology Radar to foster knowledge and best practice exchange, increase awareness of the risks and opportunities associated with these developments, and stimulate the uptake of innovative and efficient solutions.

Technology Radar

Track the latest technological trends and priorities for the DSO industry with the E.DSO Technology Radar.

Technology & knowledge Sharing