Beyond Sandboxes – InnoGrid Day 2 focused on innovation in asset management & markets

Beyond Sandboxes – InnoGrid Day 2 focused on innovation in asset management & markets

11 June 2021

Introduced by Uros Salobir, Vice-Chair of ENTSO-E Research, Development and Innovation Committee, and Richard Vidlička, Chair of E.DSO Innovation & Research Committee, the second day of the 10th edition of InnoGrid gave the opportunity to participants to deep dive in some of the Horizon2020 Projects in the areas of asset management and markets.

In the opening session, Cristobal Irazoqui, Policy Officer, Innovation, Research, Digitalisation, Competitiveness in DG Energy, European Commission, stressed “the importance of innovation for providing evidence to support the development of European policies on the energy transition.”

The electricity grid will remain cornerstone in reaching climate neutrality by 2050 as per the EU Green Deal objectives. The projects Flexitranstore, Farcross, Interconnect andPlatone had the opportunity to present at InnoGrid how the innovative solutions in grid asset management they are working on can accelerate the green transition, be it through improved power generation forecast or grid optimization technologies.

With increased variability, the need to leverage the potential of new market participants and increase consumer choice, enabling new sources of flexibility to reach the market is essential for a secure and affordable transition. Projects Interrface, Coordinet, OneNet and EUniversal explained how their work is advancing on such key ingredients as interoperability, product & services standardization and seamless coordination among the different actors of the electricity value chain.

Presentations of the event are available on this link. The full recording of the webinar can be accessed here.


More about the projects:

FLEXITRANSTORE aims to contribute to the evolution towards a pan-European transmission network with high flexibility and high interconnection levels. Novel smart grid technologies, control and storage methods and new market approaches will be developed, installed, demonstrated and tested introducing flexibility to the European power system.

FARCROSS aims to address the challenge of establishing a geographically large market in the EU by improving its cross-border electricity interconnections. The project addresses this challenge by connecting major stakeholders of the energy value chain and demonstrating integrated hardware and software solutions that will facilitate the “unlocking” of the resources for the cross-border electricity flows and regional cooperation.

Platone (PLATform for Operation of distribution Networks) aims at defining new approaches to increase the observability of renewable energy resources and of the less predictable loads while exploiting their flexibility.

InterConnect aims to develop and demonstrate advanced solutions for connecting and converging digital homes and buildings with the electricity sector.

INTERRFACE project will develop an Interoperable pan-European Grid Services Architecture (IEGSA) to act as the interface between TSOs and DSOs.

CoordiNet aims to establish different collaboration schemes between TSOs, DSOs and consumers to contribute to the development of a smart, secure and more resilient energy system.

OneNet (One Network for Europe) aims to create a fully replicable and scalable architecture that enables the whole European electrical system to operate as a single system.

EUniversal aims to develop a universal approach on the use of flexibility by Distribution System Operators (DSO) and their interaction with the new flexibility markets, enabled through the development of the concept of the Universal Market Enabling Interface (UMEI) – a unique approach to foster interoperability across Europe.

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