Simulating reality – DSOs and Digital Twins as Facilitators of Prosumer Integration and Accelerators of the Energy Transition

In the 13th episode of our policy podcast, we spoke with Laurent Schmitt – Head of Utilities & European Developments at dcbel; President of Digital4Grids, and Board Member of smarten – about how digitalisation and technological advances in Digital Twin technology will help to leapfrog DSO’s traditional asset management and allow them to address the forthcoming challenge of integrating raising numbers of Prosumers across Europe. While enabling a faster transition to an increasingly electrified system through the deployment of solarPVs, electric vehicles, heat pumps and battery storage in residential buildings, it also increases the complexity of coordination, operations and planning activities at distribution level.

Tune in and find out about the ways in which computed simulations of reality will help DSOs to live up to this major challenge.

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