DSOs and grid technology providers join forces to accelerate the energy transition

BRUSSELS, 10 October 2023

On Monday the 9th of October, CEOs and top-level industry leaders from Europe’s largest distribution system operators and grid technology providers agreed on joint activities to deliver on Europe’s energy transition.

The senior executives called on E.DSO and T&D Europe to immediately draw up an action plan for the short and medium term, detailing the initiatives that will drive the necessary acceleration in grid investments and possibly ease bottlenecks in both industries.

Building on the momentum of the successful EU Grid Forum on the 7th of September, E.DSO, representing the European Electric Power Distribution industry, and T&D Europe, representing Europe’s grid technology providers, joined forces in bringing leaders in the grid sector together to exchange on how they can better join forces.

The two associations thus agreed to elaborate a detailed and focused action plan to exchange indications and visibility on the future evolution of the grids and the dynamic of the equipment manufacturers’ production plans, identifying opportunities for making the entire value chain more efficient, e.g. by new models of collaboration or standardization, and identifying adjustments in the legal and regulatory framework.

“This was a timely meeting to share insights and discuss issues of common interest, such as grid planning, value chains, standardisation and policy. It allowed for an open and frank dialogue at the highest level, while producing concrete results”, said Roberto Zangrandi, Secretary General of E.DSO.

“The energy transition is usually defined by the 3 D’s of Decarbonisation, Decentralisation and Digitalisation. We now need to add a fourth D for Dialogue. Only by working together will we be able to deliver on the energy transition and the Green Deal ambition of climate-neutral Europe”, said Diederik Peereboom, Secretary General of T&D Europe.

In the closing session the participants shared the conclusions with Paula Pinho, Director for Just Transition, Consumers, Energy Security, Efficiency and Innovation at DG Energy of the European Commission.

Find the presentations of the event here.

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