E.DSO, ENCS and ENTSO-E host 4th cybersecurity workshop “Enhancing our grid resilience”

E.DSO, ENCS and ENTSO-E host 4th cybersecurity workshop “Enhancing our grid resilience”

21 October 2021

Today, the European Network for Cyber Security (ENCS), the Association of European Distribution System Operators (E.DSO), and the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity (ENTSO-E), together hosted a virtual event discussing the challenges of increasing volume and sophistication of malicious acts towards the European energy grid and how the Network Code Cybersecurity will enhance our grid resilience.

The event built on the previous joint events and the preparatory work on the Network Code Cybersecurity, that was put to the highest priority by the EC.

In their contributions, Jose Ferrari Careto (E-Redes/E.DSO), Joachim Vanzetta (Amprion/ENTSO-E) and George Koutepas (CERT-EU) shared experiences how cyber threats have turned into reality for European grid operators and how the Network Code Cybersecurity is set to mitigate these risks. Jonathan White (DoE US), Makoto Takahashi (Control System Security Centre Japan) and Tahir Kapetanovic (APG/ENTSO-E) provided the American, Japanese and European perspectives on the actual threat levels and mitigation policies.

Andrea Foschini (Terna) and Olivier Clément (Enedis) provided the grid operator views on the effectiveness and challenges associated with the Network Code Cybersecurity, outlining the need for collaboration and trust-building whilst assuring effectiveness of measures and containing costs.

In a panel discussion led by Anjos Nijk (ENCS), critical stakeholders for the implementation and functioning of the Network Code Cybersecurity shared perspectives and expectations on benefits and incurred cost of the NCC. The main take-away from the discussion was that commitment to act of all parties involved and active collaboration of all stakeholders is conditional to keeping up with the malicious actors

The event highlighted the need for speed and the importance of enhancing grid resilience through innovative ways of collaboration and harmonization. You will find the slides of the event here. You can watch again the webinar here.


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