E.DSO handed to Commissioner Simson their Green Plan for role and strategy in EU Recovery

E.DSO handed to Commissioner Simson their Green Plan for role and strategy in EU Recovery

26 June 2020

E.DSO, the key-interface between Europe’s leading electric power distribution system operators and the European institutions, handed over today to Commissioner Kadri Simson, the Recommendations on the Role of DSOs in the European Union’s Recovery Plan and the Acceleration of the Green Deal Agenda.

The White Paper developed by Bain & Company in collaboration with E.DSO was a promise made to Commissioner Simson by E.DSO Executive Committee in May to propose a new approach to enhance the role of System Operators in a modern and more digital energy architecture.

Christian Buchel, Chair of E.DSO and Director Client Territories and Network of Enedis, addressed Commissioner Simson representing the continued commitment of the European leading DSO in keeping a high level of investments to deliver the Energy Transition and the digitalized evolution of the grids as a fundamental prerequisite for the advanced tasks of their investment plan 2020-2024

Peter Vermaat, CEO of Enexis and Chair of E.DSO Policy Committee underlined DSO’s aim to accelerate the energy sustainable system, and therefore the economy, with investment around 37 billion euros that create many jobs. Our companies serve 350 million people across Europe and are a trusted partner in their day to day.

Commissioner Kadri Simson stated that: “E.DSO message arrives in a crucial time and will be highly considered towards achieving the green recovery goals that the Commission is defining, towards a more sustainable energy sector and increased sector Integration.

The handover of Bain & Company’s Recommendations underlines the commitment of E.DSO and its members to accelerate the development of a more sustainable, efficient and resilient energy system in Europe and taking into consideration the need to stimulate Europe’s economies and contribute to the EU’s Green Deal agenda after the Covid-19 crisis.

This report tackles four topics: Storage and flexibilities; Electric mobility; Equipment, components, services, and capabilities sourcing; and IT, data and cybersecurity.

The recommendations provide guiding principles across these four themes. They will all be critical success factors for DSOs to play a priming and experimentation role in new technologies, thereby accelerating their experience curve — and initiating a virtuous cycle to be shared with all citizens.

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