E.DSO to increase its collaboration with Start-ups

E.DSO to increase its collaboration with Start-ups

On 4 February was organised in Brussels the Data&Innovation workshop by the European Distribution System Operators’ Association (E.DSO) and InnoEnergy, promoting collaboration among energy companies and start-ups to uptake electric innovations for a safer, flexible and efficient transformation.

The event, with over 160 registrations, was supported additionally by 5 key associations in the sector: T&D EUROPE, SMARTEN, ESMIG, EUTC and ISGAN; whose members share responsibilities along network operators to develop an efficient power and data systems for approximately 300 million citizens in Europe.

While citizens take a central role, with significant impact on the evolution of DSO models, to meet customer expectations cooperation between stakeholders is the key to unlocking the opportunities that come with the energy transition. Some of the points that were discussed include: open data and data access, AI, platforms, start-up/DSO collaboration, smarter assets and market and businesses development, as a way to integrate renewable energy in the most efficient way.

Diederik Peerboom, Secretary General of T&D Europe, and one of its members, Aitor Amezua from ZIV Automation also elaborated in their participation that “DSO and TSO are central enablers of the energy transition through successful decarbonization, digitalization and resilient electricity networks”.

Frauke Thies, Executive Director of Smarten, defined “Data access, interoperability and security as the three key pillars to leverage flexibility and create the right conditions for all actors including system operators, aggregators and prosumers”.

Willem Strabbing, Managing Director of the European Smart Metering Industry Group, took the stage to explore data access, benefits for the consumers and opportunities for third parties in the smart meter rollout.

Julian Stafford, Technical Director of European Utilities Telecom Council, defined that “the evolution of robust, cost effective energy smart grids is imperative to facilitate the most efficient use of renewable energy; however, this increased use of renewable energy must not impact the reliability of our energy grids and for that to work out we need increased visibility and control over a very widely distributed asset base”.

Along the same lines, Torsten Knop, Vice Chair of the E.DSO Policy Committee, closed the event by remembering everyone that digitalization enables optimized energy systems and observability controllability and automation is the way forward for efficient renewables integration.

Following this Data&Innovation Workshop, E.DSO wants to commit to the startup communities and encourages them to participate at InnoGrid2020 start-up contest, where they will have the opportunity to exhibit and share their innovative ideas with more than 400 experts from the industry, associations, EU institutions, regulators, academic world and Member States. Detailed information is available on the Conference website.

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