E.DSO Workshop – The Truth about Flexibility – SECURE YOUR SEAT!

E.DSO Workshop – The Truth about Flexibility – SECURE YOUR SEAT!

Brussels, 10 April 2019 (09h00-15h00)
Venue: Stanhope Hotel Brussels, Rue du Commerce 9, 1000 Brussels

What is feasible already and what can we expect in the future? What belongs to dreams and what to reality? What do we need to deliver the flexibility promise? What are the obstacles and how to overcome them? Join E.DSO’s Workshop to learn the truth about flexibility.

In the last years, flexibility has been one of the most discussed topics related to EU energy systems. However, the complexity of the topic has allowed simplistic views to flourish at the expense of some necessary measures that are absolutely key to ensure a successful transition to a digitalised and flexible energy system with customers at its centre.

This event will provide unique opportunities to display and discuss evidence-based findings, recommendations and tools to make flexibility a widespread reality throughout the digitalised European electricity systems. Multiple projects involving DSOs, TSOs, market actors (retailers and aggregators), and digital service providers will be presented and discussed. You will encounter a variety of real-life use cases such as smart charging, grid-scale storage, demand-response, micro-grids and active system management – with the truth about their state of the art or experience curve status; or difficulties.

These views will be confronted with the current and upcoming regulatory framework and constraints or opportunities to show what are the missing links to make really operative and unleash the full potential of flexibility.

The agenda is available here.

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Following E.DSO socially responsible attitude, 15% of the cashed-in amount will be donated to contribute to the research against cancer.

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