E-mobility was debated in Prague by representatives of E.DSO Project Committee

E-mobility was debated in Prague by representatives of E.DSO Project Committee

E-mobility has become an EU wide trend for reduction of carbon emissions and is growing in importance. New E-vehicles with extended range have been introduced, several cities in the EU have declared zero carbon emissions vehicle goals and in addition the charging is becoming faster and more effective.

The key challenge for DSOs is to ensure the reliable and swift integration of high deployment of new charging stations while managing the EV-charging in order to continuously secure safe and reliable operation of the whole system.

That is why EV charging was a main topic of E.DSO’s Projects Committee meeting on 13th and 14th of March. During the meeting, which was hosted in Prague by PREdistribuce and ČEZdistribuce – major DSOs in the Czech Republic, participants discussed their experiences concerning the impact of E-mobility on distribution networks and pilot schemes on smart EV charging management. The topic is in line with the current flexibility trends and can help avoid negative impact on distribution grid as well as additional costs caused by conventional grid reinforcement.

The meeting also included a visit to the pilot site of the PREdistribuce fast charging station, including photovoltaic power generation and storage facility. On the agenda was also a presentation of remote secondary substation control center which has been implemented at the beginning of this year as a standard solution in PREdistribuce’s distribution grid. The aim is to deploy at least 100 smart distribution substations per year in order to reach 33% share in 2030.

The busy agenda and fruitful discussions acknowledged the importance of the topic for the E.DSO Project Committee members. Conclusions from the meeting are to be circulated among the E.DSO members to highlight projects-based experience for further debate namely related to the regulatory environment. The Projects Committee will continue to debate this matter to maintain momentum in this fast-evolving area.

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