E-REDES supplies 32 tons of material to Ukraine to be used on DTEK Low and Medium Voltage networks

On 7 April 2022, E-REDES, the distribution system operator in mainland Portugal, with the contribution of E-REDES in Spain, started the delivery of materials to DTEK (Ukraine), aiming to support the restoration of their grids in the region of Donetsk. In total, four trucks will ensure the transportation of around 32 tons of materials to be used on Low and Medium Voltage networks. The delivery was assisted by the direct involvement of the high-level representatives of the Embassy of Ukraine in Portugal, who monitored the procedures and congratulated E-REDES and E.DSO for the joint contribution.

This action was facilitated by E.DSO Coordination Team that has been showing the invaluable contribution of the Association to overcome the abnormal situations directly affecting the DSOs’ work routines and, consequently, society as a whole.

Undoubtedly, this is just one more way of demonstrating the unfailing importance and resilience of DSOs to support the overcoming of this very unfortunate situation.

News piece about the help provided here (in Portuguese).

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