EDSO for Smart Grids welcomes Clean Energy Package: European electricity distributors ready for energy revolution

EDSO for Smart Grids welcomes Clean Energy Package: European electricity distributors ready for energy revolution

EDSO Board of Directors and General Assembly gathered today in Brussels expressed deep appreciation for the European Commission Clean Energy for all Europeans legislative proposals strongly acknowledging and enhancing the role of electric power Distribution System Operators.

In this advanced and forward looking perspective for a new market framework, EDSO members already serve over 75% of the European citizens consumers. They also are on the forefront of digitalisation of the power grids and smart solutions, bringing consumer in the very centre of the energy transition process.

Their long time mastering of quality of service, advanced technological choices, research, deployment, as well as a neutral, secure and efficient market facilitation, make EDSO members suitable for the new and evolving roles asked of the DSO.

The new consumers, producing electricity on their own and gaining active role in the electric power value chain, must rely on trustworthy, dependable, up-to-date, cost-efficient grids able to deliver the usual high standard service while incorporating and accommodating their emerging needs.

EDSO interprets the legislative proposals advanced by the Commission, currently in discussion, as aimed at granting the new emerging market actors and the consumers a fully performing range of new services enabled by DSOs.

This along with the consolidated DSO’s strong ability in networks management, resilience capacity, risk preparedness and their advanced dialogue and cooperation with the transmission system operators.

EDSO Board of Directors and General Assembly also welcomed the proposal of a EU-DSO Body entrusted with the responsibility of delivering advice and expertise to the European Commission services on future developments of technical rules and, whenever needed, leading the elaboration of new network codes, structuring relations between the different market players and regulations following the rapid technological developments and digitalization in this industry.

A detailed analysis of the Clean Energy Package from EDSO’s point of view, with additional suggestions for some possible areas of improvements in its associates perceptions is to be found at this link.

João Torres, Chairman of the EDSO Board and Chief Executive Officer of EDP Distribuiçao of Portugal commented: “These directives are going to influence and steer the transformation of the energy market in the forthcoming 20 to 30 years. We are impressed by the strength shown by the European Commission in orientating this process, and by the proposed bold alternatives accompanying the whole electricity industry into a new era”.

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