EDSO launches Meter-ON project: paving the way for the roll-out of smart meters

EDSO launches Meter-ON project: paving the way for the roll-out of smart meters

July 19th 2012, Brussels – Smart metering is one of the important pillars of the smart grids; empowering consumers with information on their usage, allowing real choices of suppliers and services based on market based energy prices. In view of the vast amounts of distributed, renewable energy sources being connected to the grid and implementation of the smart electric vehicles charging infrastructure the smart metering development is an important step in the transition towards active management of the distribution networks.

The third energy package states that 80 per cent of European consumers should be equipped with smart meters by 2020, given a positive result from cost-benefit analyses. Since most smart metering experiences in Europe are in the pilot or demonstration projects phase, there is a huge potential and added value in exchanging information and best-practices among the involved stakeholders. Meter-ON will help reaching this target by steering the implementation of smart metering solutions throughout Europe by collecting the most successful experiences in the field and highlighting the conditions that enabled their development.

“A successful deployment of smart meters is an important basis for reaching the EU energy objectives and reaping the full benefits from the energy market. We are very pleased to coordinate this project, giving distribution system operators, public authorities and regulators a better understanding of the current situation and the way forward”, said Per-Olof Granström, Secretary General of EDSO for Smart Grids.

The 24 months Meter-ON project is financed by the European Commission and led by EDSO for Smart Grids, leading European distribution system operators representing some 70 per cent of the electricity supply points in the European Union. The Consortium also comprises EnergyLab (university-linked foundation), CEIT ALANOVA and RSE (technological institutes) and ZABALA (communication experts).

For further information or to share information on your smart metering project, please contact: info@meter-on.eu

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